There are a lot of myths about logo design, brand design and graphic design in general. Some people say it doesn’t matter, others say it’s the most important thing. There are also people who say that you can buy a simple logo online and nothing else. Well, in fact, this is not a good idea.

Before it was possible to use only a simple word written on the product with a simple typography and that was it, but that was so many years ago that neither us nor you existed. Things have changed thanks to traditional media such as newspapers and permission to publish ads that companies of past centuries had to ask for. This way people were surrounded by texts and different fonts. Thus, business owners had to invent something new, a new way to stand out from the rest so that the future customer could differentiate their product from others. The solution was to create a logo.

Today this is even more difficult, since everything you do has to be online, in some way, in order to promote and grow your business. That is exactly why you need to have a logo made especially for your business. That is why today’s companies often have to start by creating the logo first.

Now comes the option where you can buy your logo on a website. Even if it is a good economic option, this will hurt your business in the long term and you will end up paying more for the redesign. Why more? Because you will first buy the logo by paying a certain amount of money and then for the redesign you will pay up to 10 times more. Isn’t it better to pay a designer, be free and succeed later? I think it is. What do you think?

Now about the price of logo and brand design for your business and why it has to be carefully prepared by an experienced professional. You will want to hire a professional graphic designer, because the first thing you have to do is research and get a lot of information about the business, your competition and much more. That is why there is a price that cannot be lowered, because research cannot be omitted. When you go for the lowest price, you get a person who most of the time has nothing to do with graphic design, someone who learned some things about how to use software and thinks he or she is a designer. You cannot simply become a graphic designer after a few tutorials, it is necessary to develop a design thought, strategic thinking and skills that take time and you get those kinds of greatest and best experiences while practicing and working in an agency. The lowest price will not take you anywhere, because you will end up paying even more than when you bought a logo from a website. And again, you will pay for a redesign in the future. Why? Because people who did not study and did not receive practice in a design agency will not do any research. These people will start to make a lot of logos and send you a lot of graphic pieces that have nothing to do with your business.

That is why you have to hire a professional graphic designer and not buy pre-built logos from a website or look for a cheap designer. As you have seen from our thoughts, it is much cheaper to hire a professional graphic designer and have a well-made logo from the beginning. After all, you will have a decent design that really works, which will pay off in the future and help you have loyal customers who will use your services. 

Tell us your thoughts. If you are a business owners, simple readers or graphic designers, let’s talk about this topic.

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