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This seems to be one of the most popular topics among graphic designers. In our daily work we have so many interesting moments that if we wrote them, we could publish a book. In this case, we are talking about customers. There are many different types of clients that will make the job easier or more difficult. But no matter If you are simple readers or graphic designers, you will find the article quite interesting.

First, I will talk to readers who are not graphic designers. Some of you could have started a business lately and had to encounter the process of logo design or brand design a little bit exhausting. You had a great experience and are happy with the final result, but there are also people who had a bad experience with a designer who could not communicate well and the whole process was slow. Let me assure you that not all graphic designers are the same. You have probably met a person who did not know how to talk to people and especially to clients. It takes much more to be an independent graphic designer than a set of high technical skills. It is also necessary to have some personal qualities such as the ability to communicate, be a leader, be a teacher, understand the other person, listen and much more.

Now let’s go back to the main topic of the article. How to deal with difficult customers? First, there are no bad or difficult clients. It won’t be harder unless you do it yourself. It is up to you if your client is happy with your work and the entire experience of your service. And yes, you have read well, I said experience, because you do not sell the service, if you want to succeed you must sell the experience.

Therefore, if you have a difficult client, think about something you could do better. Maybe it’s the way you communicate. If your client tells you to change things for something that you know will not work, try to teach. Explain in simple words the problems that your client will encounter if it is going to be as he or she said. After all, if your client wants something changed and that is the final word, then you can accept and send the changed project and the original work you have created. This way the client will feel that you care about the business and will return. In addition, you are not losing anything, because you have already created something and the client wanted to change it. But be careful here, you have to allow two slight modifications (such as colors, typography, etc.) and ask for the price adjustment if you are asked to change everything and do something almost from scratch.

These were some of the ideas on this subject. Remember, there are no bad projects, unless you make them so. What do you think? If you liked the article, we invite you to discuss it in the comments section below. Please share it with your friends and we will see you in the next article.