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Before you start to panic, graphic designer and marketers will not be replaced. So, if you feel yourself alleviated and this was the only thing that you needed to know, you can skip to another article. Otherwise I invite you to read this article as we find it very interesting and useful, so much so, it will allow you to adjust your professional knowledge to have even more success in the future.

So, will graphic design be automated? Will marketing be automated? The answer is no, as we have said before. Instead, marketing and design will be mixed in one single person with the help of AI. The advent of AI will take on a routine.

  • There will be a need for a person who knows how to work with AI and will be a carrier of knowledge about the product.
  • Voice-first interfaces are becoming more popular and may be the main working tool. Mary Meeker from the KPCB Foundation in her annual report called the voice “the next big interface”, starting from the fact that the usual screen devices will replace the more “transparent” ones. One of the advantages of this scenario is that it will help people with special needs (deafness, blindness, etc.). Already today, 20% of requests from Google App are maid through voice.
  • The largest PPC platforms already know how to generate a banner, run CPA campaigns with pay only for the result. Draw conclusions from the results and make changes to the campaign.

In the long run, the person who will be responsible for the product in the future, let’s call him Product Expert, will gather knowledge about business, design and marketing. He will use AI as the main tool and data source. AI will be connected to hundreds of different company tools. The task of the specialist will be to deeply know the product and ask the right questions. For example, “Which 5 channels bring us users with a low retention rate?”, “Which ones do we spend the most money on?”, “Reinvest this budget on 3 new channels and compare the result in two months.”

In fact, there is little futurism in this. All this can be done routinely now. Mixpanel can show how users from New York pay more, but for a shorter period. In July, a voice interface appeared in Google Analytics, which you can ask for insights about your data.

It is important to understand that the skill merging scenario will not happen overnight or in the near future. Marketers will never wake up and hear on the radio on their way to work that they are no longer needed. We would compare this with the skill of selling ads on the radio. Ten years ago, a marketer or an advertising agency had to call the sales departments at a radio station and discuss the terms of the partnership. Advertising on the radio did not die, as did the radio itself. But thanks to programmatic advertising, the robot itself can bargain for the price, narrowly target the video to an audience, simultaneously include channels such as Spotify Audio Ads, collect accurate data and even sell this data as insights to others. Yes, many still agree on telephone advertising, but 40% of all online advertising in the world is already launched through programming tools. As a result, the task remained the same – to sell audio ads, but now the marketer requires knowledge of programmatic tools, and not a thick phone book.

We believe that, first of all, you need to work in product development sphere. Due to the fact that the team is fully responsible for the success (or failure) of the product, the correct thinking is developed: the problem cannot be “thrown” on the client’s mistake. Product teams are interested in not having extra people on the staff, because the company makes money by selling the product, not people. Food companies are the first adopters of any approach to optimizing costs, especially if efficiency is growing. Take, for example, the engineering skill of a designer. If a designer knows how to typeset, he saves time on negotiations and can quickly show his vision of interaction.

We think the UI will be fully automated, and the experience skills that both the designer and the marketer share (interviews, market analysis, product analysis, flow and funnel) can merge into one profession.

Lately, companies started getting a need in a product guy who brings results, not a team member who does not see beyond his narrow responsibilities. For example, when sending email to millions of users, every detail is important. In order to properly prioritize these details, it is advisable to do a study, collect data about who we are sending the letter to, at what stage this person is uses the product and what would he or she like to learn from your company. Who should do this research: designer, product manager or marketer? Perhaps an analyst? It does not matter. It is important that the product guy sends millions of emails that will benefit. He can call himself what he wants.

According to McKinsey research, AI will take on the routine tasks in the near future. This will free up time for more detailed thinking of product strategies and training. Such a trend can be divided into those who are expanding their knowledge into other areas and who can take on more tasks, and those who do not want to learn beyond their skill.

The reason why companies right now will not begin to combine related professions to optimize costs is that AI is not yet sufficiently developed for this. Today, tools are more like a more comfortable wrench than a virtual team member, but that will change. The situation is reminiscent of Uber and autopilot cars. While cars on autopilot still cannot massively carry people, the company hires drivers. But when the technology is ready, people will have to be fired.

Will AI replace everyone? This is not really possible, not in the next few decades. It depends on how quickly AI will enter offices massively, and as for as its ability to show information and draw conclusions, the ability to make decisions independently evolves. Harvard Business Review predicts automation of 47% of all human work until 2033.

What do you think? Will graphic design be automated? Will marketing be automated? Tell us in the comments below.

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