What is a creative design agency and when to hire it?

The creative services market is full of different companies, agencies, and professionals who are offering their creative solutions, and most of the time people find it hard to identify the right one for their needs. In this article, I will be talking about creative design agencies, what are those and when do you need them. This will shed some light on Stepank Media agency as well, my agency, even though this is more of a general overview of the creative agency services.

I have been working in this industry for quite some time now, starting from the bottom as a community manager and graphic designer, working in multiple agencies and companies around the world, and now managing my creative design agency, it seems clear to me that most of the people don’t understand what a creative agency is. In this sense, creative agencies, advertising, and so-called brand agencies are mainly dedicated to the creation of new brands, unusual campaigns, and unique content for different mediums. All of them are almost the same, they share the same objective so to say, the only difference is their focus. What I want to say is that there are some agencies that focus on the advertisement on certain platforms, while others are offering services of designing and printing marketing collateral. Also, there are many agencies that provide website design and development, logo design, video creation, and so on. Also, there are some agencies that offer all of the written previously, or at least most of that, as well as additional services. It is really easy to get lost, lose a lot of time choosing between them and then make a wrong decision because you believed in the words of some unethical salesperson who wanted to sell you everything they had instead of guiding you through the process and figure out what your business needs really are. That’s why I decided to create this article – I want to save your time and help you understand when you need a creative design agency and what kind of service you should expect. So, when do you need creative design agency services?

 When you need something really big, but your budget can’t allow you to hire dedicated professionals.

There are many reasons that encourage business owners to seek creative design agencies, one of which is the insufficient marketing budget. And it makes a lot of sense. When you need many different pieces like logos, visual identity, brand book, brand strategy, website, social media strategy and graphics, online ads, and so on, you end up with an extremely big annual budget, because you would have to hire at least 4 or 5 different professionals. Of course, you will do that in the future, but when you are starting or when your in-house creative power is not enough, that’s the right moment to hire a creative design agency. Even if the whole budget, in the end, will be equal to multiple salaries of all of those professionals together, you are saving a lot of money by not having to pay taxes, social security, and other spendings that your country requires you to pay for each employee.

 When you need to focus on other things rather than micromanaging design and marketing.

Oftentimes, your business has so many needs to be addressed that you need all of your employees to be focused on their tasks and there’s absolutely no time for extra work. In moments like this one is when you will need help from a creative design agency. It will allow you to leverage new additional efforts directed towards your new product or service and make it visible on the market. Also, there will be no need for you to micromanage its activities since you have agreed on the things that need to be delivered and it will be done by professionals so the outcome will be positive. 

 When your business needs some specialized expertise or services, but only once.

Imagine a moment when you have a nice and effective team made by a marketing specialist, graphic designer, and social media specialist. Maybe just a graphic designer and marketing specialist that happens to know social media management. You are about to start an online ads campaign but you don’t have a good-looking website, you have problems with your hosting and you would also like to add something new to that site. In this case, the team you already have won’t be able to help you out with that. You will need a dedicated creative agency that will design and develop a new website for you. Once it is complete, you will be able to continue with your online campaign, something that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

In conclusion, you can look at the option of hiring a creative design agency as a credit in a bank. You can always keep saving up the money and wait until the moment you have enough to achieve something, or you can simply use the credit to get those results right away and keep going. The same idea can be applied when it comes to deciding whether to hire a creative design agency or wait until you create one inside of your business. You can keep “waiting” and hiring all of the necessary professionals little by little, then finding someone who can manage the whole project or just hire an agency and have all of that done in a matter of weeks. In my opinion, it is always easier to hire an agency, because you have everything served and ready to go.



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